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Our History


1956-1960  TASCO started out as the technical and commercial   advisor   for Messrs Strojimport, the only exporter of machine tools   produced in Czechoslovakia


1973  TASCO was recognized as the leading technical and services   company in Egypt


1976  TASCO became the sole agent to Strojimport in Egypt


Since 1985  Factories in Czechoslovakia were allowed to export solely (not through Strojimport). Accordingly TASCO started to work as the agent for the majority of machine tool builders in both Czech & Slovak Republics. TASCO maintained the same company structure; Sales, after-sales and technical support (headed by Czech and   Egyptian engineers)

Since 2000  TASCO started its consultancy and project management business in the field of machine tools, tooling and the department for technology has been established


2006  TASCO has went global and enlarged its network of   suppliers, not only limited to Czech Republic, but also   Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania   and Poland


2010  TASCO celebrated its first decade of CNC machine tool supply in Egypt

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